Osteopathy is a manual therapy that considers the person as a whole. Through painless techniques, advice and exercises adapted to each patient, its goal is the well-being and autonomy of everyone.


  • New (acute) or old (chronic) pain
  • Pain of muscular, articular and (or) neurological origin
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain (rotator cuff syndrome, frozen shoulder …)
  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain (wry neck, muscle spasms …)
  • Hip pain (greater trochanteric pain syndrome …)
  • Tendinitis (tendinopathies)
  • Knee pain (patellofemoral pain, bursitis …)
  • Headaches (migraines, cervicogenic headaches …)
cabinet osteo stockel

My approach

My goal is to relieve people of their pain, so that they can live their lives to the fullest. This is achieved through careful listening and examination, explanation of the cause of the pain, appropriate techniques, and a plan that is specific to you.


  • After a Bachelor of Medicine at the Université Catholique de Louvain, I studied for 4 years at the European School of Osteopathy in the UK where I obtained a Master in Osteopathy with First Class Honours.
  • My background gives me a deep knowledge of the human body which allows me to combine a scientific and holistic approach to health.
  • I am also an assistant for the international department of the European School of Osteopathy and I am training in Multidisciplinary Algology (pain science) at UCLouvain.



Careful listening and examination allows to understand where to root of the problem lies


Why does it hurt? Neuroscience allows us to make sense of what we feel.


Osteopathy helps to relieve pain and to regain confidence in your body.


Establishing a plan specific to your case can prevent pain and avoid future consultations.


Each treatment lasts 40 minutes and costs 60 euros.
You can pay in cash or with your phone (Payconiq).


I will give you a certificate for a reimbursement by your “mutuelle”. For the workers of the European Commission, the tax receipt will allow you to be reimbursed if you have a medical prescription.


If you have a medical history (operations, X-rays, blood tests, …), please bring the results. A list of your medications is also useful.


Depending on your preference, you may be in underwear or loose clothing to allow for easy examination and movement. It is paramount that you feel comfortable.


The practice is at a pleasant temperature and the osteopathy table is heated. If you wish, you can bring a towel and/or a blanket.

Photo d'un angle du cabinet. C'est une pièce blance, avec des étagères en bois clair, et des plantes vertes dans l'armoire. Entre les deux armoire il y a une fenètre au dessus d'un radiateur. L'ambiance y est paisible.


It depends on your case. My goal is for you to be autonomous as soon as possible.

No, osteopathy is a primary care. This means that to visit an osteopath, you do not need a prescription from a general practitioner or a specialist. If osteopathy is unsuitable or insufficient for your case, I will refer you to the health care provider (general practitioner, neurologist...) best equipped to help you.

Yes, I will give you a certificate that will allow you to be reimbursed an average of 10 euros per consultation, for 5-10 consultations per calendar year. Some complementary insurances grant a higher reimbursement, through specific policies. For employees of the European institutions, I will give you a tax receipt for a reimbursement of 40 euros per session, up to 24 consultations per year if you have a medical prescription.

  • DKV: With the A2+ plan: 80% reimbursed per consultation.
  • Mutualité socialiste: 12.5 € per session - maximum 5 sessions per year
  • Mutualité chrétienne: 10 € per session - maximum 7 sessions per year
  • Mutualité libre: 10 € per session - maximum 7 sessions per year
  • Sécurex : 10 € per session - maximum 10 sessions per year
  • Omnimut : 10 per session - maximum 4 sessions per year
  • Partena: 10 € per session - maximum 6 sessions per year (you need to send the 5 certificates together or via the form you can find on their website)

No, I treat children from the age of 6. For recommendations of osteopaths who treat infants and young children, please contact me.

Some osteopathic manipulations cause a characteristic sound, due to the rupture of an air bubble in the fluid around the joints. I will only suggest these techniques if they are safe and useful in your case.

All manual therapies share much in common. Osteopathy stands out for its global and holistic approach.

Researchers in pain science realize that all therapies (surgery, drugs, manual therapies ...) have "non-specific" effects in addition to their specific effects. Therefore, in addition to the effects specifically due to osteopathy, a better understanding of why we have pain allows us to maximize the non-specific – or placebo – effects to get better as quickly as possible.


Through a partnership with Plant C, a tree will be planted in Soumoy, near the Eau d'Heure lakes in Belgium for every new patient I see. This project of diversification of the Belgian forest will implant 2000 trees of fourteen species with a PEFC certified forest management.

Thus, by coming to the osteopath, you take care of yourself and the planet.

1 new patient = 1 tree planted


I work in 2 practices near Stockel.

Osteo Stockel W Sports Clinic

Ostéo Stockel

Every day of the week (free parking, stairs)

Emergencies : everyday between noon and 2pm

W Sports Clinic

Monday afternoon (blue parking zone, wheelchair access)


Don’t (do not) hesitate to contact me.

info@osteostockel.be 04 55 15 95 00